Miah Dhanani is Mini Hania Amir?

In last two articles I shared some unknown facts about Miah Dhanani and also told you that how is she getting viral over internet and today in this article I will be talking about another interesting and important fact and that is she looks like Hania Amir.

Miah Dhanani is Mini Hania Amir?

As all of you know that Miah Dhanani is getting more famous day by day and a lot of people and pages are using her pictures on their profiles and this thing is making her more popular on social media.

On one hand she is getting signed by different brands for TVCs, and photoshoots while on other a lot people are also commenting that our cute model Miah Dhanani is looks like Hania Amir. According to our sources we got to know that different people are sending her grid photos with Hania on Miah’s Instagram. Now see the below photos and let us know what do you think about this/?

Miah Dhanani is Mini Hania Amir?

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